• Have you got a digital camera but are unsure how to use it?

  • Do you have a basic understaninding of photography but would like to take your knowledge a bit further?

  • Would you like to get out of AUTO mode and really learn to control your camera?

  • Would you like to capture the landscapes and seascapes of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset?

If so then you should maybe consider a 1-to-1 workshop.  I can offer you a bespoke package to suit your needs and help you along the way to gaining a better understanding of your camera whilst visiting some stunning locations in the Southwestof the UK.

On a 1 to 1 workshop you will have my undivided attention.

Please use the CONTACT page to get in touch to discuss your needs.


For those who enjoy taking photographs, stopping to admire a view and compose an image can take time. This is all well and good if you are alone, but for family or friends this can be tedious if they are walking with you.

I can offer you a few hours walking in our lovely countryside or coast paths, 1-to-1 or as a group, where you will not be pressured into moving along and will be given the time to take your shots.


We have many stunning locations here in the Westcountry and there's plenty to keep a photographer happy and busy. 

Please use the CONTACT page to get in touch to discuss your needs.